Sinus Pressure Relief: Ways to Get Rid of It without Drugs

Suffering from sinus infection could be a bit annoying and painful enough to try to do your daily activity as normal as possible. But obviously, you can’t deny the fact that you can never live in normal life otherwise you kick away the sinus infection or sinus pressure that bothers you to death. However, most sinus pressure reliefs are drugs or any kinds of doctor’s prescriptions. Some of us might think, is it safe? Is it guaranteed? Does it have a kind of side effects? Well, I might say that this kind of drugs’ ways might be tricky or else, it creates several side effects, which I think it is so obvious every drug, not only this sinus drug has it.

home remedies for sinusitis 001 300x300 » Sinus Pressure Relief: Ways to Get Rid of It without DrugsBut, when there is a drug sinus pressure relief, there will be of course, the sinus pressure relief without any drugs. These reliefs’ steps can even be done easily at home, and the effect will be more guaranteed as it is more natural and has no bad side effects.

    1. Breathe under the Steamy Water

You don’t have to go or pay somewhere to get the steamy water. Just go to your bathroom, have a relaxed seat (make sure the seat is not exactly under the shower), turn on the shower; set it so that it produces the hot water. Then wait for the steam comes from the hot water. This homemade inhaling steam is a perfect method to create moist air which will help you preventing the sinuses from irritation and congestion. Do it two or four times a day.

    2. Avoid the trigger

The smoke from cigarettes is one of this sinus pressure’s triggers. Then, it is so much recommended, in every time you go or be, avoid any smoking zones in your life. Starting from the home, don’t like anyone smoking around you.

    3. Drink plenty of water

The water will help you preventing dehydration which can cause the dryness on your sinus part. Other drinks like a decaf hot tea and juice are okay, but extremely no if it is alcohol or caffeine drink.

    4. Try nasal irrigation

It is also called as the nasal wash, which aims to keep your sinuses clean and clear. It appears in a mild sterile saline solution flushing out the thick and stagnant mucus. Just squirt the solution into one nostril and let it flow to the other nostril. The things you need to make this nasal irrigation is a bottle, 16 ounces of sterile water, a teaspoon of salt and mix all into one bottle of solution you need.

    5. Avoid the allergens

Most sinus pressure problems are caused by allergies. Thus, avoid the allergens substances will help you to avoid the sinus infection signs. The common substances created allergies are like dust, pollen, pet fur, and so on.

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